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    Flirt (1922)

    • This is an original, linen-backed, half-double insert theatrical movie poster from 1922 for The Flirt starring George Nichols, Lydia Knott, Eileen Percy, Helen Jerome Eddy, and Buddy Messinger. Hobart Henley directed the silent, love-triangle drama.  The Flirt is considered a "lost" film meaning there are no known prints in existence.

      Insert style posters (printed on heavier stock and generally 14" x 36" were first introduced to theaters in 1922.  Just prior to that time, studios printed "double-insert"  posters that were 27" x 41" with side-by-side posters on one sheet that could be cut in half and displayed separately as two posters.  This poster is the size of one-half of these double-inserts but shows no signs of being hand cut.  It is possible it was printed as a stand-alone, test size poster by the studios as they developed the final style of the modern, insert poster.

      The poster measures 13.5” x 41” and has been linen-backed for long-term preservation and display.  Prior to restoration, the poster was in very good condition with small tears in the top and right white edges.  It had a diagonal crease about 1/3 from the top.  The poster was folded in half after printing and had a small separation at the main fold line.   The folds are much less noticeable after linen-backing and the poster is now in excellent, restored condition.  It will be rolled for shipping in a rigid, tube mailer.

      Please look closely at the photos (this is the exact poster you are buying). It is not cropped or a stock image.

      This extremely rare and collectible poster, printed in 1922 to promote the theatrical release of The Flirt, is not a reproduction or a reprint.


      Year poster printed: 1922
      Country: United States
      Size: 13.5 in x 41 in (34 cm x 104 cm) (plus small linen border)