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French Movie Poster Sizes

Movie Poster Sizes available at Original Film Art - Vintage Movie Posters


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French Movie Poster Sizes at Original Film Art - France

French One-Panel Posters 
As the standard size French theatrical movie poster, the one-panel poster measures approximately 47" x 63" and was almost always folded at the time of printing.   

French Medium Posters
French medium, or Moyenne, movie posters measure around 23" x 32" and were almost always folded at the time of printing.  

French Small Posters
French small, or Petite, movie posters measure around 15" x 21" and are usually folded at the time of printing.  

French Door Panel Posters
French Door Panel, or Pantalon, posters measure around 23" x 62" and are almost always folded at the time of printing.  

French Two-Panel Posters
This rare and impressive size of theatrical movie poster measures approximately 63" x 93".  They are almost always folded and printed in two sections designed to overlap.

Additional international sizes are detailed in the individual poster listings.

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