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British Movie Poster Sizes

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United Kingdom

British Movie Poster Sizes Original Film Art - United Kingdom

British Quad
The standard size for UK movie posters, the quad measures 30" x 40".  Older posters were usually folded at the time of printing but posters from more recent films are often rolled. 

English One Sheet Poster

English one sheet posters measure 27" x 40" (similar to the US one sheet) . These posters are primarily used by movie theaters in British territories.

English Double Crown
English double crown theatrical posters are being printed less common these days as posters, and theaters, have continued to grow in size and number  They measure around 20" x 30" and are the "big sibling" to English Crown posters which measure about 15" x 20".

English Six Sheet
Referred to in the UK as a twelve sheet (as it is roughly twelve times the size of a British double crown poster), English six sheet posters measure about 78" x 88" and are quite rare. They are usually printed printed in four to six sections designed to overlap.

Additional international sizes are detailed in the individual poster listings.