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Japanese Movie Poster Sizes

Movie Poster Sizes available at Original Film Art - Vintage Movie Posters


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Japanese Movie Poster Sizes at Original Film Art - Japan

Japanese B1 Posters
This rare size of Japanese theatrical movie posters is similar to the US one-sheet and measures approximately 29" X 41.  

Japanese B2 Posters
The Japanese B2 is the standard size for theatrical posters in Japan. They measure about 20" x 29" and may be folded or unfolded.

Japanese B3 Posters
Mostly used in train and bus stations, these smaller sized posters generally measure 14" x 20".

Tatekan (STB) Movie Posters
Known as Tatekan posters, these Japanese posters measure around 20" x 58" and are printed in two sections designed to overlap. 

Additional international sizes are detailed in the individual poster listings.