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Battlestar Galactica (1978)

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  • Film: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
    Year poster printed: 1978
    Country: France
    Exact Size (inches): 46" x 62"
    Artist: Robert Tanenbaum

    This is an original French grande movie poster from 1978 for Battlestar Galactica starring Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Lorne Greene. The movie was directed by Richard A. Colla. Robert Tanenbaum is the artist for the poster.

    The poster measures 46" x 62" and is in very good to excellent condition with minimal wear from handling. Like all French one panel posters, it was folded at the time of printing. Most folds flatten out nicely for framing and are often desirable for vintage, collectible movie posters.

    Please look closely at the photo (this is the exact poster you are buying). This rare and collectible poster, printed in 1978 to promote the French release of Battlestar Galactica, is not a reproduction or a reprint.

    The small black squares on the corners of the poster are magnets to hold the poster down for the photo.


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