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Bicycle Thieves (1948)

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  • This is an original, Italian movie poster from 1955 for a theatrical re-release of Bicycle Thieves (also referred to as The Bicycle Thief) (1948) starring Lamberto Maggiorani, Enzo Staiola, Lianella Carell, Gino Saltamerenda, and Vittorio Antonucci.  Vittorio De Sica directed the classic film.

    Referred to in Italy as a 4 Fogli, the poster was printed in two sections that are designed to overlap.  It measures 55” x 78” and is in very good condition with some darkening and minimal wear along the edges. The poster was folded at the time of printing.  There is a separation along the bottom-right, horizontal fold line that extends about almost 1/3 across the poster.  Most folds flatten out nicely for framing and are often desirable for vintage, collectible movie posters.

    Please look closely at the photos (this is the exact poster you are buying and not a stock photo). The black squares in the corners and sides of the poster are magnets and not pins.

    This rare and collectible poster, printed in 1955 to promote an Italian theatrical re-release of Bicycle Thieves, is not a reproduction or a reprint.


    Year poster printed: 1955 (theatrical re-release)
    Country: Italy
    Size: 55 in x 78 in (140 cm x 198 cm)

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