Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Film: Saturday Night Fever (1977)
Year poster printed: 1978 (first theatrical release in Germany)
Country: Germany
Size: 23" x 33"

This is an original German movie poster from 1978 for Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller, Joseph Cali and Paul Paps. John Badham directed the classic disco drama.

The A1 poster measures 23" x 33" and is in very good condition. The poster was folded when printed back in 1978 (like nearly all German A1 posters). Most folds flatten out nicely for framing and are often desirable for vintage, collectible movie posters.

Please look closely at the photo (this is the exact poster you are buying). This collectible poster, printed in 1978 for the German theatrical release of Saturday Night Fever, is not a reproduction or a reprint.

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