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Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (1965)

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  • Film: Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (1965)
    Year poster printed: 1960s/1970s
    Country: United States
    Size (inches): 27"x41"

    "A New Kind of Soviet Film...acclaimed around the world at all film festivals"

    This is an extremely rare, vintage one sheet movie poster for the classic 1965 Russian film Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (Tini zabutykh predkiv). The film, by acclaimed Russian director Sergei Parajanov, is based on a 19th century folk tale that also documents the life and culture of Ukranian Hutsuls who have lived in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine for centuries.

    The film was first screened in the United States at the New York Film Festival in September 1966 and had a limited release (distributed by Janus) in 1967. A Janus representative, when contacted about this poster, indicated Janus does not have paper records going back to the 1960s to date the poster. This poster is either from the initial US limited release in 1967 or, according Janus, is from bookings for the film during the 1970s. Janus has not had the rights to the film for several decades.

    The poster measures 27”x41” and is in excellent condition. This is not a reproduction or a reprint.

    Please note this poster, like nearly all pre-1985 film posters, was folded before being shipped to a movie theater. Most folds flatten out nicely for framing and are often desirable for vintage, collectible movie posters.